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Pizza & Cookies

WOW! I found, via a mention on the NYC Meetup site, an Italian Restaurant/Pizzaria and a true Italian Bakery -- with GLUTEN FREE and DELICIOUS foods!

I will be adding their business cards and menues on my Benevolent Kitchen site later, ( I have to scan them first).

I had cheese pizza at Mr. Micelli's and brought home Chicken Parmesan with Penne Pasta for dinner. Both were delicious -- the pizza was crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside and it FOLDED! It was great to eat pizza at a pizza parlor. Mr. Micelli himself is the one with gluten intolerance, (he knows he shouldn't be working with flour, but hey, it's his job after all). So the location is not gluten free, but he seemed very good about cross-contamination issues.

At the Italian Bakery -- Milano Dolci -- (which was just around the corner from Mr. Micelli's) -- actually imports the cookies from Italy! Her brother's bakery actually. She said that in Italy it is common to have gluten free restaurant and it's a given that your food establishment will offer gluten free foods and your staff will be knowledgeable in cross-contamination issues. She will ship BTW!

I can't wait for the US to catch up!

I traveled about 40 minutes to get there, and I still felt it was worth the trip and would make the trip again.

So the next time you are anywhere near Rockville Centre, Nassau County, South Shore, Long Island, New York -- got to Mr. Micelli's and Milano Dolci!