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Kale Chips

Bunch of Kale (any type)
spray bottle with vegetable oil
kosher salt to sprinkle
a bit of curry too

grab the thick stem and pull the leafy parts off by circling your thumb and forefinger around the stem and pulling the leaves away

leave the leaves as they come off, large, small, makes no difference

spray them lightly with vegetable oil of choice

place them on a cooling rack placed on top of a cookie sheet

set the oven to 350 degrees or so (exact temp is not necessary, neither is full preheating)

sprinkle salt and curry on top lightly (you may chose to replace these seasonings with those more suited to your palate)

cook for about 15 minutes or until the leaves make a 'crunch' sound when you touch them

enjoy hot, warm, or cold

storm loosely covered in bowl (that is if there are any leftovers at all)

great served as a replacement for potato chips or along side a burger (vegetarian or carnivorous)

Tell me how yours came out and which seasonings you used!

Check out Wikipedia for more information about Kale

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Rachel said...

I am totally trying this ASAP!

Smilinginheaven said...

I wonder what other leafy green you can do this with...have you tried spinach or swiss chard? My favorite chip is still thinnly cut sweet potato done the same way.

Nicole -- Benevolent Baker said...

any leafy green works!