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Healing Soup Recipe

Healing Soup Recipe -- specifically combines to be high in the vitamins and minerals needed to help heal while sick:

water or broth (4 cups)
pieces of white meat Chicken (skip this if you are vegetarian) (4 ounces)
shitake mushrooms (2 ounces)
spinach and or kale (1 bunch)
canned and drained white beans (1 can)
fresh garlic (3 cloves)
fresh ginger (1 tsp)
sweet potatoes (1/2 a potato)
either boiling in or drinking with the soup -- gingko and ginseng tea (2 tea bags)
either in or served with brown rice (1/2 cup)

the ingredients are in order from most potent to least, base the amounts on the size of your pot, suggestions are listed in parenthesis.

Boil all ingredients in the soup then simmer between 140 and 165 degrees until ready to serve. (puree for even easier digestion)

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