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Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad

1 part Quinoa (red or white) – organic preferred (rice, millet, or any other grain)
Olive oil
3 parts Veggie stock
Brazil nuts
Wakame (or other seaweed)
Lemon juice

Sautee quinoa in a stock pot with a dash of oil until you begin to hear it pop – turn off heat. Soak the wakame in some broth until it is soft, and then chop into small pieces. Add broth to the quinoa and cook, like rice, until the broth is absorbed by the quinoa – or the quinoa is soft and open – it looks like squiggles and spirals. When cooked add wakame & the rest of the broth, Brazil nuts, spices, olive oil, and lemon juice, (if you don’t like these – add ones that match your soup and taste). Fluff with fork – serve hot, warm, or cold

Leftover idea: add grated cheese and egg (amount varies on leftover amounts) – bake in a loaf pan like you would meatloaf – new meal!

Wakame is a great addition to soups too!

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