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Easy Dinners -- no cooking necessary!

Don't cook and get smiles on your kids faces -- tastes great, nutritious, easy -- what else could you want?!

Bell Peppers at Sea or on Land

after pulling out the stem and seeds, stuff bell peppers with salad - tuna or chicken -- one of those pre-roasted ones or in the can/bag like tuna -- protein, lemon juice, chickpeas (or white beans), parsley, S&P

California Pizza Wrap
In a tortilla, (I like the large brown rice wraps wrapped in a moist paper towel warmed in the microwave for 5 seconds) lay strips of ham, pineapple, cheese (I like cheddar), bell pepper, & add some cabbage for color and crunch too, dress with sour cream with a dash of apple cider vinegar for extra flavor then wrap and eat!

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