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On My Reading List Today -- Wine Bar Food by Cathy & Tony Mantuano

These folks know good traditional based foods! I am always pushing folks to eat what I call 'true foods' -- foods that are as close to the source as possible -- locally grown, used foods in their simplest form, etc. These recipes are filled with true foods used in uncomplicated dishes creating harmonious & flavorful appetizers, main meals, and desserts. And because they use so many 'true foods' many are free of the major allergens, and the ones which aren't could be adjusted with ease!

My favorite recipes from the Wine Bar Cookbook:
Lemony Shrimp with Currants & Pine Nuts pg 5
Amaretto Polenta Pound Cake pg 13 (go GF with corn flour)
Bresaola of Salmon with Lemon & Greens pg 23
Barolo Risotto pg 30
Italian Almond Cake pg 31 (go GF using almond meal, brown rice flour & tapioca starch)
Pork Ribs with Garlic, Chilies, & Tomato pg 90
Mascarpone-Filled Dates with Chocolate pg 110
Garlic Shrimp with Chiles & Rosemary pg 134

PLUS any of those cocktails!

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