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Nut Milk and Nut Cheese and Nut Butter

Nut Milk

1 part nuts, blanched* (toast them after blanching for added flavor)
4-5 parts water (purified is best)
sweeten with honey, agave, or sweetener of choice

blend the nuts, water, sweetener
for a smoother milk strain liquid in a cheesecloth over a pitcher

the nut milk is what is in the pitcher
the nut cheese is what is left in the cheesecloth

enjoy the nut milk in replace of traditional milk
use nut cheese as a dairy and soy free replacement for cream cheese

*blanching in this case means to boil nuts until skins fall off -> remove skins -> place 'naked' nuts in an ice bath -> dry nuts

Nut Butter
nuts - roasted, blanched, raw, sweetened, etc.

put nuts in a food processor. processes nuts until they become nut butter. sweeten or flavor for personal preferences -- try some cinnamon or raw honey

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