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Alcohol Free Red Sangria

Perfect for summer days! Experiment with your favorite fruit -- pineapple, apple, strawberry, blackberry, star fruit, etc.!

8oz black cherry juice concentrate
8oz blueberry juice concentrate
8oz cranberry juice concentrate
24 oz pear juice (mix/cocktail is ok)
16 oz lemonade or apple juice
2 packages mixed berry/fruit, frozen
1/2 pound seedless grapes, frozen

mix all the liquids in a pitcher then add frozen fruit, (except grapes) set in fridge until ready to serve, when ready to serve add frozen grapes in lieu of ice cubes

looking for a version containing alcohol? that one follows:
1 bottle red white (I like a sharp, full bodied chianti or table wine)
1 bottle white wine (I like a dry yet crisp pinot grigio or table wine)
2 oranges, fresh, squeezed, peeled, de-seeded (I like blood oranges)
1 lemon, fresh, squeezed, peeled, de-seeded
1 lime, fresh, squeezed, peeled, de-seeded
1/2 pound seedless grapes, frozen

mix wines, oranges, lemon, and lime. set in fridge. when ready to serve add frozen grapes in lieu of ice cubes.


Jeanine said...

This sounds good. I've got some sangrias in the fridge, but it's the alcohol version, I'd love to give this a try!

Nicole -- Benevolent Baker said...

Hope you like this version too! Sometimes there is a need to have less alcohol at a party -- this is one way to to offer options -- hey even the designated drive needs a fancy drink, right?!