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Too Dry Baked Goods?! Try These Tips!

In no particular order here are some tips for more benevolent baked goods!

check your oven temp with an oven thermometer

lower the oven temp by 25-50 degrees (if your product is too crumbly do not lower the temp)

when using glass and dark colored pans -- lower the oven temp and follow manufacturers' directions -- as these pan direct heat back into the baked goods

silicone pans tend to leave products a bit dry - follow manufacturers directions and do not put silicone pan on a cookie sheet

try using shiny pans which reflect heat away from baked goods

make sure you are using the middle baking rack

add a cookie sheet filled with water on the rack below the one with your baked goods

make sure you didn't add to much flour

make sure you didn't add too much baking soda

make sure you didn't add too much salt

make sure you used enough fat

did you use coconut flour? you needed to add extra liquid, did you?

change to a solid fat like butter versus margarine or liquid oil -- or use a high heat oil

cool baked goods with good air flow around the pan -- do not cool on the stove top or directly on the counter

don't over fill pans -- for most recipes this means between 1/2 and 3/4 full

Make sure you are creaming the butter and sugar enough -- about 3 to 4 minutes

Don't over bake! Testing pick should come out with wet crumb/batter not dry

Store your baked good in an air-tight container

do not use water instead of milk

try adding unflavored, unsweetened gelatin, agar, or carrageenan

add more liquid and/or binding agents (e.g. eggs)

increase fat used -- butter, milk, etc.

measure dry goods by spooning them into measuring cups and knifing off the tops OR by weight

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