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Meatless Meals, Mushrooms, and More

Vegetables can be a complete and satisfying meal -- even for omnivores who think of themselves as carnivores. Some points to keep in mind -- stronger tasting vegetable often make for stronger center pieces; mushrooms are fantastic meat alternatives; dairy doesn't have to play a large role, but sometimes the light addition of a flavorful hard cheese makes all the difference.

Some recipes to consider -- ROLLATINI DI MELANZANE(Eggplant Rollatini); CORN SALAD; BLACK BEAN AVOCADO BURGERS; STUFFED BELL PEPPERS; TOFU CUTLETS; CAULIFLOWER BAKE; and SALSA -- check out the options with each recipe for even more delicious meatless meal variety!

Curious as to why mushrooms are a great food -- here is some info about mushrooms.

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