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Duck Salad

I am lucky enough to have a local, organic poultry farm, Makinajian Poultry Farm and Country Store, in my neighborhood so when I get the desire for a fowl that isn't chicken or turkey I turn to duck. Duck is a luscious darker meat. Roast a whole duck as you would a chicken or turkey, with one exception with duck -you must -place it on a rack because the duck will produce a lot of fat, good for gravy and saving for later pan frying, but not for roasting, so make sure the duck does not roast while sitting in its own juices and fat.

All the meat from a 5 - 8 pound roasted duck, chopped into bite sized pieces
1 over ripe avocado
3 garlic scapes, chopped (or 1 -3 fresh scallion greens)
about a dozen fresh or dried figs
1/2 to 1 cup coconut cream (canned works fine)
Salt and Pepper

If you are using dried figs, snip the stems off and reconstitute the figs over night, (or longer), in 1 cup of coconut cream.
If you are using fresh figs, snip the stems off, rinse and pat them dry.
In a food processor place figs (fresh or reconstituted), plus the avocado, and garlic scapes.
Blend until smooth. Add more coconut cream until you reach your preferred consistency. I like to go for a consistency much like that of heavy mayonnaise.
Mix this 'dressing' with the duck meat, toss with salt and pepper to taste, in a bowl and serve.


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Nicole -- Benevolent Baker said...

I took leftovers and put a scoop of the duck salad on a slice of gluten free bread and grated lots of manchego cheese on top, bake it for 5 minutes then broiled it until the cheese turned brown -- mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm