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Sangria for Summer Saturdays, etc.

Ashia Ba Dashia in the Red

a High School friend of mine posted this delicious recipe on a social networking site and I just had to share it with all of you!

Head out to your local farmers market for fresh local fruit!

bottle of California Merlot (or Oregon, Washington, or other location and red of choice -- also it doesn't have to be a Merlot, try a Shiraz, or a Pinot Noir*)
cup of Goslingers Black Seal Rum (or rum of choice)
3/4 cup triple sec (I like Cointreau or DeKuyper)
1/2 cup sugar (simple syrup is also nice, or even dark honey)
juice of 1 lime
1 clementine (peeled and split of course)
2 organic peaches (peeled, de-pitted, and sliced)
1pt organic blueberries (rinsed and if you'd like, frozen)
splash of club soda

Mix all of the above in a nice pitcher and serve == frozen fruit works really well for ice!

*(ask your local wine shop merchant for some vintage and variety ideas, too)

Want a white version?

Ashia Ba Dashia in the White

Switch the red wine for white wine, I'd try a Pinot or Chardonnay*.
Switch the dark rum for white rum, (or tequila)
Switch the blueberries for green grapes or yellow raspberries

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