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Take back your kitchens!

I know, I don't often post this type of more traditional blog posts. Today I was watching the Cooking Channel's Spice Goddess and although I was not surprised that all the recipes were already gluten free, (or with the switch of one ingredient they would be), I was reminded that so many people freak before they think when it comes to gluten free cooking and baking. Cooking and baking in general really.

Take a stroll down American cooking history and you will find way back before the chemical revolution cooking and baking was a lot more fearless.

Family recipes were a golden foundation. Pinches, handfuls, and directions based on visual inspection were common place. Recipes and instruction from a sweat curled family member in the kitchen were more valued than any white apron wearing restaurant rat, (nod to Remy intended).

Why did we fall for the hype? Why do we still believe that a restaurant chef knows more than generations of family cooking? Why do we think a box mix will produce a more reliable result in less time and for less money than if we make it ourselves? Why do we continue to believe that cooking and baking is only for some elite group?

Take back your kitchens!

You know food. It's in the energy that makes up each cell of your body. You are food.

Food is not about the latest nutritional pyramid. Food is not about the latest fad diet. Food is not about weight or even health. Food is life. We cannot exist without it.

Go! Be fearless! Believe in your cells. You can cook. You can bake.

Too much to be let off the leash in a big open field? Ok, call your grandma, your aunt, your favorite cousin and find the family recipe for your favorite family food. No one has it? Google it! Pick the first one, it may not be the best, yet, you'll make it the best.

Why are you still reading this? You should be emailing, texting, calling, and/or Googling your recipes!


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